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  • Scott Volumeter (Bulk Density Tester)
Scott Volumeter (Bulk Density Tester)

Scott Volumeter (Bulk Density Tester)

  • HTD-5060
  • Product description: Scott Volumeter (Bulk Density Tester)

HTD-5060 Scott Volumeter (Bulk Density Tester) is designed and produced according to GB5060-85 < Metal Powder Density Testing Second part: Scott Volumeter>, it is also in accordance with International standard ISO 3932/2<Metal Powder Bulk Testing Second part: Scott Volumeter>,It is suitable for powder can not flow into funnel freely with opening size at 5mm or the powder characteristic will be charged during vibrating funnel;



Place the powder into the upper mesh sieve, flow into the clothing box by the nature or outside force, powder flow into four pcs glass baffles and square funnel with angle 25°, at last flow into sample receiving cup, it is in the bulk type. Customer can weigh the powder weight in the cylindrical receiving cup;


1. Stainless Steep top funnel: it is composed by two pcs Stainless Steel Conical funnel, separate by the cylinder, inside with the opening size 1.18mm Stainless Steel sieve;

2. Clothing box: cross section is square shape, there are 4 pcs 1 mm thick Stainless steel board slide on the Aluminium frame inside; Inside and outside frame, there is Plexiglas plate, Stainless steel board can take off, it is easy to clean and wash

3. Square shape funnel: it is welded by 1mm Stainless Steel board, angle is 60° square conical shape, upper dia. is 12.5mm×12.5mm;

4. Cylindrical receiving cup: volume is 25ml, Stainless steel, net weight is 46±1;

5. Steel frame: it holds upper assembly funnel, clothing box, square funnel, cylindrical receiving cup;

6. Balance: it weights powder sample, accuracy is 0.05g (optional products)