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About us

YIWU HONGCONG E-COMMERCE FIRM is a professional manufacturer of drilling fluid, completion fluid analysis instruments and oil well cement testing instrumentslaboratory testing instruments in China, with strong technical force and stable product quality.

YIWU HONGCONG E-COMMERCE FIRM with sales, repair, maintenance, maintenance, design, OEM processing integrated technical service company, with perfect organization and management institutions and production process, quality management system. With professional mechanical design, structural design, circuit design and complete production and processing capacity, can undertake domestic and foreign brands of instrument repair, maintenance and other services. We can realize the maintenance of instruments and parts, processing and customization, for the majority of customers because of manufacturers at home and abroad can not timely maintenance or beyond the warranty period can not be repaired and maintenance costs are too high to provide professional third party solutions.

The main business includes: drilling fluid, completion fluid analysis equipments,laboratory testing instruments and well cement test equipment research and development and production.

All kinds of analysis and test instrument series products produced by our company according to API standards have been widely used in major oil fields, geological departments and chemical industry units in the country, and have won a good reputation.